Thursday, 5 July 2018

a real question...

(follies of God" by James Grisson...Alfred A. Knopf) took him on travels far and wide. Personal TLC was not an indulgence familiar to him. He suppressed his need to dabble in sexual intimacies when away from home, a sort of guilt stopping him. 
Yet, when he got home, the welcome was not one he wished for. 
A luke-warm hello, sometimes a lucky hurried hug or kiss on second thought, was dished his way. 
The frustration began to set in, that need for acknowledgement of sexual more satisfaction in jerking his hardness off. 
It started feeling nonsensical and stupid. There he was a virile man, and all he wanted was for his partner to acknowledge his sexual needs.
Was that really it? Was it all about sexual needs? 
He realised it went deeper than that. He realised he missed the intimacy, the closeness that they had known to share ... and the cherry on top was their mutual sexual understanding of each other. At times soft and loving and completely immersed in each other, true lovers...dear lovers. 
Then, at times, she knew to be wild and demanding and hurried and selfish in her need of him...and when he wanted his quickies...damn...those did blow him mad.
No matter the sexual share, the after glow of knowing the care was there as was the love...he saw it in her eyes, he felt it in her closeness, he heard it in her naughty giggles.
What happened? Where did that woman go? What was he doing wrong or was it simply a fact of time passing by. 
Was it time he looked for sexual favours somewhere else? Maybe that would make him feel more appreciated, once that sexual need was relieved? The thought daunting . resort to sex...empty endeavours to please his cock?
All he wanted was to be seen, to be held, to be kissed...all he wanted was what they had before.

She stopped at the kitchen door, he had just come home. She knew she had brushed his happy greetings aside without a second thought.

He seemed to be so needy. 
What was it that gnawed in the pit of her tummy? What was it that held her back from responding the way she would love to? What was it that had made them drift apart?Why did she feel resentful toward him?
She realised she was in another place in her life...a new journey of discovery...she had given him children, been the best wife and mother she knew to be, now she wanted to selfishly live her life for herself. 

Was this going to be the end of them or would they now to meet at the crossroads of life and find a way back into each others life....

Only time would tell.



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