Thursday, 5 July 2018

a direct RB share- that the cat purring?...

i heard the cat purr
i think i saw her stir...?...
with purpose i saw her stretch
something maybe to fetch?
her purr a delicate yet, dangerous growl
i think one should take care not to fall foul
of her side that wishes to lick
with her tongue anything inviting flick.
what a kitty what an inviting purr
i feel something dangerous within her stir
nothing to be frightened of this i guarantee
rather surrender, liberate your thought and let her set u free.
of much untrue and debilitating
your uncertainties aggravating
u know who u are and can be
let her show u how and thus with clear vision see.
to know to embrace all that lives
within yourself and generously gives
to those who wish to see
the real u and what u know to be.



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