Sunday, 1 July 2018

a sad reality- a Sunday consideration for all

battle buddies - twitter

I came across the photo on twitter and my first reaction was not one of 'aaaah! geee! how cuuuute....!'

An instant welling of sadness , a kind of unexplained melancholy gripped me...both for the soldier as well as the canine.
Is the soldier's head bowed in prayer? ...the canine watching his buddy...understanding of what is to come?...

of course, one cannot miss the beauty of a moment captured by the camera lens ...that faith, trust, adoration and love, that unquestionable bond between two lives ...precious to all who know them. 
An understanding of each others zest to be best at carrying out ones duty for country and people...that flow of adrenalin when fear grips, transcended by the need to jump into action. 
Nothing else seems to exist at that moment except...the two of them...trained to save, trained to kill, trained to survive and come back and receive accolades of praise ...unaware be those clapping hands and cheers of praise of any scars, memories explosive and bloody that would remain imprinted on both their minds.

Would that canine know any of the modern chaos where guns and bombs and drones and missiles ordered by generals and admirals, sitting in their towers, administering orders via satellite...pocking and littering the heavens beyond the human eye...were it not for the greed and avarice of mankind...?...the purpose being what...?...claim over each other, claim for control...?...claim for recognition...?...of what.

Yet that soldier will and so will his trusty mate, the canine, for so he has been trained (mind u, both of them) ... go out in battle and kill another in belief of something passed down by another human being....a sick legacy passed on from generation to generation...never the desire to put a full stop to the ever increasing chaos.

And thus, on this Sunday, i challenge all who dare to say that humans were born good and kind of nature.
Actually it is the opposite...we know not to be kind and empathetic and live in peace. 

Peace needs no simply is...a concept we do not understand and thus, will forever be warmongers in search of something that will be the death of humanity...



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