Sunday, 8 July 2018

a serious cup of coffee

 a serious cup of coffee
the day to see me through,
the game last night, i must admit
has left me a little blue.
no matter, though it wasn't meant
no matter hard the fight,
today no less the congratulations
for RUSSIA still be my star and shines real bright.
the tears did flow
burrowing be the look, at the tv to stare,
the shouts of support the shouts of anger
referees calls did know to flare.
and, when all was done
the chatter was small, the gestures gone...
up stood us to clean the dishes
..for that was us...done.

quiet were the goodbyes
the hugs not so tight as on arrival,
the ride home then became loud and analytical
alive again...!... from forlornness a reprieve a sabbatical.
of course a win is what we wanted
the chance to see the final,
but damn!... that was a serious match
the RUSSIAN team...they did announce their soccer arrival.

u did us proud
to u i raise my coffee mug
and shout "LONG LIVE RUSSIA!"....real loud!

..."dolgoye vremya ROSSIYA!!"...


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