Sunday, 1 July 2018

direct RB share- #4...for u i shall strip...

"...and if a strip is what u looking for 
then ,
this way u should be looking... for sure!"
said she to him... agog he stared!
to let his jaw drop, to stare he dared!
so brief and quick the tease the play,
on both knees he went, to beg her stay,
she looked at him, standing tall yet, welcoming...
placing her heeled stockinged leg on his shoulder, backward him propelling.
landing on his bottom looking far up at her,
a leisurely travel beforehand, the length of her for sure,
how gorgeous and demanding and confident she stood,
to demand of him to undress, he hoped she would.
he wanted himself, before her to display,
he wanted her to see his ardour without delay,
in the hope that toward him she would sway those hips,
in the hope she would eat him with those luscious lips.
what did transpire left him breathless and lost,
the need to come back and find out more, the cost.
for, too short be the dalliance with the dancer tall,
more time he needed in her unrestrained seduction, wanting to fall.


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