Friday, 13 July 2018

that once in a lifetime love affair

" ...dawn, the flight an early one, he wondered if he would have time to drop in and see her, even for a split second...that was all he needed.
A most unexpected turn of events that had him remembering his younger days when there was no doubt what he wanted . He chased desires, wants, needs, expectations with the playful strength and certainty of a cub lion. Wherever he went, whatever he did, his faith was unshakable...he knew he was going places.

He was a late bloomer when it came to sexual encounters, admiring the fairer sex from a distance,preferring to chase those dreams of simply doing and being what his spirit desired. 
The reaches of Africa, its beautiful stretch of savanna...the Serengeti.
That freedom, unrestricted pleasure he felt, zest for life, inhaling, drenching himself in the pureness of very little tarnished by the touch of western so called civilisation, where the pristine was considered as a waste of space and natural resources.
That invigorating feeling of life flowing through his veins...that same feeling that coursed through his body the night before.
A raw wildness , a sincere uncontrolled yet, very natural eating of each others hunger.

And it all started with the two of them laying on their backs, on the carpet. A perchance encounter of two people who found an understanding of life in nature and all it had to offer. Two people who developed a relationship of some sort, over a period of separating them...and bringing them together again...perchance.
Even then, those many years past, he had known she had more to offer but, selfishly he chased everything else, except the truth.

The truth of reality.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, fully clothed, his mind lost in that moment when his hand had slipped under her lose t-shirt, that first touch of her soft flesh, that first sigh that escaped those soft generous lips of hers that he had never forgotten...her kisses that had eaten at his memory for years and years.
She had turned her back to him and he began a slow reveal, an undress of her shape... time had moulded her into curves and mounds of delicious sexiness, feminine. He had kissed the dip of her waist, he had cupped the softness of her bosom, he had traced the length of her form with his breath, he had tasted the sweetness of nectar he had thought never would be his pleasure again.They had dipped and arched and whispered and demanded and rolled and burned on every inch of that carpet.
She had kissed him sweetly, ominously, ever so gently and carefully...when he left. It felt as if that was to be their last encounter.

As he stood up, he realised he wouldn't go and see her one more time.When the chance had presented itself, he had not taken it...he had let it pass him by...he had let her go.

It was time to catch that flight home. It was time to let sleeping dogs lie and once more, try forget her."


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