Saturday, 7 July 2018

my team...tonight i cheer...RUSSIA!

does it matter the thoughts of another,
when the soccer arena be yours to take them farther,
than the discarded belief that u can't make it,
match after match,  closer to the goal bit by bit.

the underdog, not the best considered soccer team
 a host nation, regarded with high esteem
a deep routed fascination with everything u present
welcomed the world to its land ...the World Soccer Event.
dear RUSSIA today i send u all of me
my strength, my belief, the courage and faith for u to see,
behind u, this fan, stands no matter the outcome
thank u for making this world soccer event so much fun!

i wish i was there in my Fatherland 
to feel and taste and inhale the event grand!

Россия ! Россия !
my blood flows strong
i wish i was there where i belong ....

no matter...tonight we feast!  tonight we sing!
tonight  in our support our spirit does wing!
Blessed be u in your faith and courage
take no heed of others disparage!

Россия ! Россия !

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