Monday, 19 February 2018

i want this perfect passionate u?

This love affair between my imaginary Alice and her Mad Hatter, does have my heart astir and my loins throbbing....a perfect imaginary union...a love letter written....oh, how i wish i were the recipient...perfect passionate virtuosity...RB 

"Dearest Alice -

Below are some lines that I've abstracted from some verses that I came across recently and which struck a chord. It makes me think of what happens
when we are together and the range of our passion when we make love together, both giving and receiving unending pleasure in the blending of our bodies and spirits,
simply being sucked into each other and just not wanting it to end. And then when eventually we do burn out, it is always with a sense of such serenity and peace that
we lie entwined with one another. Would that it could be for ever and ever.....

love with every passion blending,
pleasure that can never cloy:
and nothing can our peace destroy."

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