Sunday, 11 March 2018

a predator?...and...a hustler? Part 2. HE.

on the set / les nuits du chasseur de films

As stated...Part 2.

The deeper i delve into topics for my upcoming magazine, the more privy i am to hidden nooks and crannies of the human sort . And being a writer without boundaries as to style, a choice to leave my topics open ended, giving way to thought, discussion, debate and even argument...

 a two piece instalment of...

a predator?...and...a hustler?

A prelude, in RB style, to what will be found in my magazine.But, in a  format, researched and written by another writer. My meanderings are my imagination based on much i witness or am privy to due to a share in consultation....a sort of dream reality...?...and will occupy a very small space in my publication as the editor-in-chief of  H & H

"...sorry? And the problem being? You have been buying my affection since day one...a gold watch, paying my car instalments...i don't know what it means to wear anything else but brand shoes...and as to accessories...i am the envy of my girlfriends! Darling teddy bear...i am your top of the range brand...and u love me for it."
Could she be right? Is that what he was all about? 

That as young as the flesh you feel. Something had happened to him as he became aware that he was ageing.
Money. Travels. Friends. Family. 
It wasn't enough. He needed to assert himself in a different way. He wanted to feel young again with all the trappings of his success he had accumulated over years. The freedom bought with being successful. 
He didn't consider himself a stupid man and thus settled on a lithe goddess, not too young, who moaned and groaned and kissed and hugged and hung on to his every word and when in public, his frame. 
He never questioned any of her actions or words as anything more than sincere.
But, watching her there and then, it dawned on him that their happiness and contentment was defined by how deep his wallet was and, as time had passed and he had gladly spoilt her more and more, she had become insatiable as to her accumulation of materialistic gains and lifestyle afforded by his care to spoil her.
What was it that kept him hooked? what was it that overruled logic?...he knew but didn't like the truth.
It was that naked body...her bosoms a 34cc thanks to his surgeon friend, skin soft to the touch, hair shiny and now longer thanks to extensions, limbs always on display in tasteful short dresses...and she fucked him like a hungry tigress, every time, whenever...she never said no.
He had hustled his way into her life dawned on was worse than he thought...he was no fact...she was the most perfect of predators...and he was the most perfect prey... RB.

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