Friday, 9 March 2018

a conversation feigned

though i know, it doesn't belong to me
i gave it the name.."my tree".
my eyes know to search for it whenever to my sanctuary i get
a serene peace does know to set...
for there it stands simply glorious in its spread,
deep admiration it knows to beget
and even though many may think me silently insane
a conversation with it, many a time i feign.
it knows to tell tales of strength and character
a perfect narrator
for, around it be the proof of the wonders it whispers in the breeze,
the swish of the leaves does my attention seize.
hues beautiful, shapes different and unique
to absorb the beauty of mother nature i seek
and thus , to proclaim myself, the guardian of..."my tree"
to protect it and nurture it , toward the heavens it grows and with it, flies my spirit free.


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