Thursday, 29 March 2018

body map

Watching her, he wondered if there was such a thing as a body map. And if there was, and the lines already drawn by the little number she was wearing, then, he wouldn't even bother  changing the longitudes and latitudes already mapped.
If anything, he would trace them with his index finger...deliberately...slowly.
Certain areas requiring a lingering...where the mounds and valleys would know to be distracting...and of course, require a detour and search for what may be the cause of distraction.
He imagined the sweet discoveries of such a travel, losing himself in the richness of what would be on offer. 
The thought of running his hands across the sheerness of the body suite, feeling the heat of volcanic passions brewing , waiting to be teased into fear of being seared by such a flow. 
What a map...what a travel...erotic, rich in discovery, indulgent and very memorable. RB.

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