Monday, 9 April 2018

an invitation for a 'helping' hand...

 she knew about it,
that ride that teased his common sense
that ride that played over and over, a fantasy intense.
and thus...
a very personal presentation
an invitation
to join her on a luxury ride...her dress code simple...a pair of red gloves...over her 'lusty' hands to slide.

not much more would be required
for the ride,
would be a delicious journey to her instructions to abide. 
on the back seat she would take her place
displayed... in his rear view mirror to make his pulse race,
a naughtiness startling his sensibilities
yet viciously awakening the 'wantoness' in his manly abilities.

the road chosen to travel an unchallenged one
for his attention would be drawn to the backseats seductive fun,
and the sounds so deep and throaty and coital and indulgent
to try concentrate on the road, a serious divergent...
a trip not too lengthy, for to turn around with his hardness firm in hand
was all he could think of  ...and lend her a desirous searching 'helping' hand.


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