Monday, 16 April 2018

RB video 5 - The Date...the culmination!

Now,...those faint of heart, who imagine a date one way, that cannot let go of the traditional and think of indulging in a shift, a mindset new...then prepare yourself for a game different , a shade of play RB style, where he be the focal point and she be the administrator.
Such a date, may...on an evening such , lead to freedom of mind, surrender of body, where the woman knows to pry, ply and tease to the edge...near explosive....
Where a game played be new, unexpected...the excitement of what next.
When a twist a turn has him pinned for a time. And when released ...there be no hurry to end the play...more like a further need to indulge and caress, blindfolded yet, seeing with a touch. 

And the full length version available in high resolution, a reveal to make u hold your breath and gasp...enjoy this short tease. RB.

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