Wednesday, 25 April 2018


 tonight before sleep takes over , gently tugging at my resistance
an image plays across my thoughts with erotic persistence
a moment naughty while another slept, with the cameras assistance
the naked beauty of a man captured from a distance.
what pleasure knows to feed my thoughts as the camera clicked
a few times naughtily my bottom lip i licked
in wild thoughts of what next my imagination became gripped
but tonight i shall be good, my naughtiness in the bud be nipped.

to bed i go to rest my head and fall into slumbering serenity.

Goodnight....but...wait! imagine it be u my camera pictures did take....such a thought, your restfulness to shake...and should u deep in the night wake...what would it be that keeps u wide awake?
....the focus of my camera...?...i bid u a good night.😈😈😈


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