Tuesday, 10 April 2018

RB video 5 Introduction - THE DATE

And, though in simple terms, it was nothing more than a date, like most things in life...to take the simple out of anything and turn it into the extra-ordinary occurrence, is definitely my style.
When a car ride starts long before passenger and driver take their seats.
When the heat and intent shared in the brush of a hand, the press of body to body speaks of what is to come.
But, wait!!!
A surprise does know to reshuffle the cards....a new hand dealt...a man at the mercy of a 'jaguar' hungry.
No...no punishment painfully administered...rather that borderline tease where the desire begs to have the camera capture how a woman knows to pleasure her man....how sexy, how delicious, how provocative a man who trusts a woman to take the lead on a date...

soon soon...the continued posting of a prelude to a date so edible, erotically delicious, dripping with kinky naughtiness...a date RB style....

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