Saturday, 14 April 2018

an unnecessary angst

 why shackle your thoughts with uncertainties biting?
concerns less than inviting,
what worries keep u from letting go?
what is it that does not allow u to show...
how much u desire to be spoilt and pampered
in the need of your loved one all thoughts anchored ,
an unnecessary angst of being ignored
intimate indulges beyond bored .
how to waken your lovers slumber
in the approach fearful to blunder
lest desires come across as desperate and needy
and even worse...lustful and seedy.
but, why should the hunger the desire to take
your lover who awakens your yearnings and knows to shake
every bit every part of your body and mind
be anything else but, a golden find.
so let go of those shackles and step toward
a steamy ride with confidence board
take your lover by the hand and tie them with your want
no evasiveness of what be your direct and blunt.


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