Tuesday, 10 April 2018

the' DATE VIDEO' as promised!!

 How time knows to fly...projects in the pipeline, others complete. Seeking that near perfect way of reaching out and portraying that which lives within my imagination ...wishing to share and stir the embers of your, dear readers, erotic imagination.

A video i have worked on some time back but, has taken much back and forth, to finely tune it into something distinctly, recognisably RB.
Different...raunchier than i had initially planned... a mind-blow...or...should we crudely say...a sensual seductive 'mind-fuck'...?

As usual, my desire is to taunt and tease and push the boundaries of what could happen no matter the space and time...staying within boundaries...but boundaries of the RB sort.

And thus to follow a small video intro to be posted tonight...within days to follow another post and video...that which will play on your mind, eat at your sanity, and make u wonder...what would it be like if it were u....?...RB.

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