Monday, 23 April 2018

a hindrance to a mind peaceful

when the urban jungle is left behind
each sunrise, each sunset a selfish indulgence of pure lazy luxury.
to contemplate any responsibility a hindrance to a mind peaceful.
even the quiet of busy nature is restful.
where the call of birds and the disturbance of bushes as wildlife make their way to watering holes
be pure fodder to ears violated daily by the pollution of city noise.
when the skies loom huge with the vastness of the universe...
at first painted bright by a sun radiant and the rays begin to set long and the moon makes its climbing appearance...a darker sky pocked with thousand and thousand of twinkles 
makes one stare and stare into the depths of the heaven...searching...
trying to understand and grasp the eternity stretching and stretching.
the wonder of life once again, reaffirmed by that selfish indulgence to do nothing more
than be naked days and nights on end...trying to return to the basics of bliss
forgotten in the rat race of survival.


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