Friday, 27 April 2018

what be the ultimate goal

what if we should find ourselves, in a time and space where we can
be the enemy or the fan
and thus, a moment portray
the finest of details display
to either make
that which we observe.

like a camera lens to position it correct
to capture and portray the best effect
of  whatever the truth may be
 hiding the worst, not allowing another to see?

would it be true to say, there are moments when the truth be required
to get to the bottom of deceit and deception desired,
and adhering to political correctness of any sort
is disrespectful and an undermining of anothers intellectual capabilities and thought?

and then, there are times when a push in the right direction,
showing the positive rather than negative a definite prevention
of unnecessary harm and derailing
of future growth, thus concentrating on a past indiscretion abstaining.

the main question then be
as humans, do we possess the capabilities to see
without judgement or bias what may be good for all as whole
and thus unity, be the ultimate goal?



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