Wednesday, 25 April 2018

frolicking like a silly one

 why try keep up with the times and be dictated to by the formalities of a society confused anyway?
why worry what an onlooker may think, seeing me 'swimming' in the sand?
oh i know that the sight of me naked, frolicking like a silly one would touch and  'prick' your sensibilities...
what if u were to let your guard down and join me in this fine sand?
what if u dared to leave the heaviness of societal demand and allow nonsensical jovial relax to be the order of the play?
so there u have the middle of the the sand...wearing fishnet stockings, i lay naked and loved the feel of potentially being seen and thought of as a 'mad' woman!
it was fun! 
and thus the task at hand to take photos of a different sort was a huge success.


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