Thursday, 26 April 2018

pre-empted, the reward ahead

 when a morning awakening asks for nothing more
than the promise of what the day holds in store
for, pre-empted be the goodness ahead
the bright rays of the sun bid one to get out of bed.
the idea being to go with the flow
and see what the day has to show
to love no matter what on the horizon may be
good or bad is all, a worthy see.
to some life may not be fair
while others rise to heights with pomp and flare
no matter the path gifted to challenge it a worthy dare
any obstacles by the horns take and far into the future stare.
life is too precious to let it go by
rather every second to spread my wings and fly
no matter what, i know what i have got
and thus every second of the day, give it my best shot!

good morning!


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