Monday, 16 April 2018

most things come in three's #2

most things know to come in three's
and thus, the continued tease...

he said...

 'u naughty wench, u saucy girl!
u do have my mind in a swirl!
a romp a tumble i can see
what is to follow, can only be.
your stockinged thighs 
the truth belies
for, milky skin does win
revealed through the mesh so thin,
to imagine flesh soft to the touch
makes me yearn my manliness clutch.
now...if a suggestion i could make
would u hear and for consideration take?
a slightly different angle to your stance apply
and further seductively feed the eye? "

she heard him clear
and had no fear 
that pose suggested
that pose requested
would have him groan 
would have him moan
and thus... a tiny adaption
an image, to his mind amblazon.


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