Thursday, 5 April 2018

a dance to outdo the lapdance...a dance to knot

 There he lay ...sprawled...his languid frame spoke of true comfort, no concern or desire to move.
She had undressed him at a slow leisurely pace. There was no sexiness nor seductive suggestion in what she was doing. Yet, he could feel his groin stirring and he had to grin.
Her hands were magical, her purpose to undress him and reveal his nakedness a definite. It was that play that was to follow that had him wishing she would hurry.
The build-up to the hard-on he would experience was fucking amazing. It was all about him laying back watching and letting go.
In the ritual of taking his clothes off, she placed each item, carefully on the nearby chair piece.
His tie.
His tie was placed around her neck.
Her angles were perfect, her moves practised...the intent being, that each move, each step, each wave of the hand, change of look on her face was in clear vision for him to witness...and most important of all...the play with the silken tie ...its journey unhindered and guided by her hands and moves across every part of her form.
In the follow of the movement of the tie she further bewitched him with the dropping of her robe...powerful was the image of a woman strong, proud and feminine in the curves, roundness, mounds and nipples so responsive to the texture of his tie.
With every note of music, classical, precise....a crescendo sure to come, he could not wait for the part where she would crawl toward him, making him tremble...his tie hanging loosely round her neck ...and as she crawled over his frame the dragging tie taunted his tight balls and hard shaft willing him to beg her to pleasure him.....
It was the same every time...first just the tie and her warm breath travelling his flesh...and when like a jaguar she had crawled right above him, knees on either side of his hips, hands firmly placed on the side of his head....she slowly lowered herself...into a crouched, her round buttocks arched in the air , whispering lusty fantasies in his ear...and then.. would drop and slide herself full length onto his frame ...his hardness firmly gripped between her thighs... grinding him into the bed with deliberate slow gyrations of her hips clasping the back of his head and making him gaze into her captivating stare.....RB.

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