Thursday, 14 June 2018

enchanted be the night

imagine a chant, a serenity in the repetitiveness
transcending boundaries of the here and now.
 travel of mind into space...enormous...where the self 
willingly embraces its innermost,
courting and coaxing and acknowledging the intimacy that lives within.
imagine floating with liberties of expression...erotic...sensual.
the kiss of ones own gaze.
a caress that knows to make love to ones own nakedness.
imagine knowing to appreciate the sight of self.
imagine knowing to invite another in... to see the same cast that chant upon them, like a spell...the allure of mysteries
that lie within ones self.
and as the dark sets deeper for the sun travels further and further away
and the moon cares not to peep from behind the clouds...
so the chant of musical notes wafting through the room
begin to make the eyelids heavy and the call be for sleep....
if we could lay together and enchanted be with each other.



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