Monday, 25 June 2018

don't resist...let go...try 

once again a read very different if read while the music is playing. I have chosen trance, energetic, vibrant...inviting...

now come join me in my fantastical erotic sensual and alluring world where telling touch knows to feed and nurture mind and body ...leaving it satiated and satisfied.

Please start a slow read from 23mins into the link supplied.

 and though, psychedelic may not be your style
i shall tempt and tease u for a while
for, music, no matter the genre
in its notes and cords possibly a double entendre.
if u know to listen with an open ear,
of intrusion and hardness of notes, there be no fear,
and to help u drop... and drop... into the sound,
with my nakedly clad form i shall hold u bound.
every move suggestive, calculating and seductive
closer and closer toward u...a need compulsive,
your hands to your shaft will know to travel...
for hard and urgent the urge in the trans to dabble.
i shall swerve and lean toward u bend
in the suggestive sway of my curves on an animating journey send,
and.... when before u so close i stand,
out i shall reach and, take your hand.
between the warmth of my thighs, i shall it guide,
there will be no holding back, no desire in the growl to hide,
how i shall take u on a special carpet ride,
together we shall climb and fall and climb again...the tide.
let me bite u..!...
eat u...!...
have u whole!!!
allow me to dip between your thighs for the throb, i know,  has taken its toll...
and no further purpose but, to surrender, be the goal
submissive be the allure ,for the first time knowing to let go...complete...your new role.



drop....with no fear...

close your eyes and feel me near

allow me your thoughts on an adventure new to steer.

let me GRIND!!!...let me HOLD!!!...
those thoughts of yours that have become so bold.
do stand up and join my grind.....!....
for certainly we will know to find
a beat and sway united as one
that will only know to be done
when sweat wet shall our brow make shine
and in letting go u have become mine
then once more to slow down and breath
for the trance will not know to make us rest or, to leave!!!!
again....toward each other sway.....
part two will become the play.


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