Thursday, 7 June 2018

A direct RB share - something a little different

And glimpse into how i spent my evening writing.

Much of my evening, many a night,  is spent in front of my computer, working on capturing conversations, experiences, emotions, ideas, music and much more that know to be the inspiration to 'my world'...a world where rules of syntax many a time are ignored, a flight of fancy erotic and seductively sensual, a heart heavy having heard or witnessed another's burden or loss, a knowledge gained, a witnessing of personal realisation through understanding of self, a hope of glory bright and beauteous, a glimpse of love unconditional and real, a life cherished and lived to the full....

Last night...well...deep house was the choice of music setting the mood. The piece of writing...?....a man's experience where he realises, he needs no mood enhancers to...?....

Will follow today.


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