Saturday, 2 June 2018

the concubine's court

.. it all came alive with every drum beat...she let her mind imagine..

the plucking of a qanun.. captured in a trance , mesmerised by notes from the deep Arabic deserts.
Sheer silken cloth draping soft curves ...a beauty of the sheik's harem...the sweetest concubine who knew to weave a magic recorded in books lost to the public eye...for, the words written were in the heart and spirit of women who knew to capture the imagination of a lover. 
Their bodies speaking words enchanting ...hypnotising even a sheik with a heart of stone, transported into a dimension where wave upon wave of euphoria would know to wash away the barren and bare 'mundaneness' of touch without emotional richness.
These women sought for their secret knowledge of pleasing and pleasuring more than flesh and bone, sought for their ability to open doors where self realisation of the highest order knew to mean a discovery sensuous and sensual, erotic.
Where mind and body knew to marry in endless ways. 
Where touch invited the heart to beat harder, eyes to swim in the gaze of a lover. And when a sigh knew to escape from the lips of a sheik, it be the release of energies captured and imprisoned in strangled uncertainties and forgetfulness. 
Forgetfulness of what he may be and ...was. 
She would know take him on a magic carpet ride where the heavens were within reach...fed by conversation diverse, informed and...when silence knew to reign, it left a serenity in the heart and mind. 
A whisper would know to waken or quieten his wandering spirit and reign it in with the promise of travels wondrous for the mind of such a spirit would be nurtured with the prolific richness of an imagination that dared to wander beyond the boundaries placed by judiciary and government.
She would dance her way into his imagination, igniting the flame of life to burn stronger with the will to conquer and lay before her feet riches of a Babylon era, kisses soft, adoring her with his heart and loving her with his mind.
The sweetness of a woman untethered and confident, the beauty of her feminine graceful graciousness, the knowledge of instilling love and kindness in the most intimate of ways.

Be this not the way of all women...and not just that of a concubine of the sheik's harem...?


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