Saturday, 7 October 2017

to hold inanity

"if naughty be my pose
then let me disclose
to capture your attention
on your peaceful state of mind, an indention."

and thus... she proceeded to tease him more
from a distance, her lusty display his oar,
step by step... closer he came
riding those waves of desire wanting her to tame.
sinking to her depths, on his knees he went,
her hand, in the nape of his neck, a jolt sent
as her lips locked hungrily demanding on his...
sending his thoughts into a whizzing tizz.
she ATE of his mouth with her kiss deep
his hands on her hips pulling her in... to keep,
she pressed into him... urgent... wanting... to climb
to ride that hardness of his...sublime.
but, her naughtiness further did prevail
up she stood...away to sail
leaving him on his knees, hard as rock
her desertion of him, quite a shock.

around she turned... with her finger... beckoned,
a second chance better than nothing , he reckoned,
up he JUMPED! and followed her gait
this time round... there was no wait.
implanted, be that sweet soft welcoming warmth,
crest after crest he sailed forth...
her moans! her sighs! her yielding desire!
egged him further, made him burn with her fire!
she plowed she rose with every wave!
he gave of himself from drowning... her to save...
she cared not to be saved but, climbed the crest,
arching higher harder into him, putting all boundaries to test.
taking her lead, he followed desirous and hard!
DEEPER he thrust!... dropping his guard!
a weightlessness them both did possess,
a tsunami lustfully illogical their spirit did press.
IMPLANT UPON IMPLANT!...her pleasure showed,
he began to grunt and groan and yield,
his manliness with immeasurable pleasure wield....
 feeling himself sinking, losing control
in his explosion be the extol,
of a woman who played with his sanity,
who taught him to hold back would be an... inanity .


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