Saturday, 7 October 2017

a lovers world remade

deep deep i shall fall
primal be my call
to surrender will be my delight
no meaning to the word contrite.
deliciously sweet a nectar to sip
into a bewitching lusty haziness to dip
enveloping limbs... eyes sleepy... flesh naked
all sensual frustration abraded.

come, fall with me and let me take
all of what u may be, and your world to shake
beneath the depths of uncertainty
what shall be discovered...a new meaning to complacency.

u i shall find, me u shall find
our erotic need of each other, to anything else blind
for dipping deep into what my imagination may be
will awaken your fantasy and set it free.!... together let us fall
and heed that primal call
of lovers who know to give and take
and thus, each others world, remake.


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