Thursday, 5 October 2017

the comfort of night

under the welcome cloak of darkness
where the challenging stark realities of light
know to be jaded by the brightness of neon.
where cold concrete all of a sudden
comes alive,
the appeal housing lounges playing music seductive,
lovers sitting close...
whispering titbits luscious.
some....distant...for they have forgotten to converse
...staring into blankness.
but, many know to get lost and welcome
the allure of a bright and promising night
where hands will touch gentle,
an urgency felt in the gaze
to absorb each other.
where truths will be revealed in lovemaking complete,
yearnings revealing of souls and needs
to be exposed for the taking.
the brilliance of the dark of night,
giving courage to lovers.
the intimacy...of the rise of the moon,
the cloak called night.

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