Saturday, 7 October 2017

unforgiving yet welcome

the cold unforgiving in more ways than one
the low laying clouds, with their looming heaviness, did shield the sun.
a blanket, an enveloping warmth did replace its heat
no pleasure to the cold given, its place, thus the cold cheat.

but, when the cold be the yearning for a lover amiss
dreams filled of passionate close, gentle bodily bliss
then, the thoughts deeper into fantasy do cuddle
with images what could have been... to huddle.

how the mind knows with robust detail to enliven
mere fantasies of needs to the spirit... heaven,
that of a lover who knows to touch
that of a lover who haunts deep sleep too much.

aaah.... to wake with a sigh and deeper sink
into that dream...gone in a blink!
how fantastical and wonderful imagination can be
but, with the rise of the be gone...and so be he.



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