Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Landed...First Promotional RB Video

My First Promotional Video of what the RB Brand be all about.

(Please note: high resolution video with vocal poetic piece will be available for download on the RB e-commerce site.) 

Do travel with me and let us begin our journey, together,into my World...

This video was filmed with the following piece of writing in mind...a piece written some time back.

 ...how can i gift u...
a gift u shall not forget too easily.

I shall make u my Mark Anthony and i be your blonde Cleopatra.

I shall a bath prepare, waters milky smooth, the sheen of the finest natural oils the surface infuse, the headiness of the scents, lavender, jasmine...ginger for the sensual senses. 

 ... my skin i shall bathe in rose water...dribble the waters on the hardness of my nipples...
like crystals they shall fall, clinging ...before they drip drip off.

Candles shall be our light...and in their subtlety, every inch of your skin i shall wash...every inch of your manliness i shall caress...u will surrender your mind to music soft, to the silence of passion throbbing within the core of your being.

U will surrender to my softness, my hunger, my need to feed off u


as the waters hot your skin do swallow ,

so shall i swallow the whole of u

....deep deep deep....

within me.

That shall be my gift to u.


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