Tuesday, 1 January 2019

hey! hey!...come join me!

 hey ! hey ! out there...a New Year it is!!
what gorgeous morning bliss!!
a morning wet the clouds real rich
a drizzle heavy did me bewitch.
 in that instant, u came to mind,
a conversation did me remind,
to not waste an opportunity so wet
and thus outside, myself to get!
 out there i went to feel the wetness
an instant response a biting freshness,
 a fluttering in my solar plexus
that left me deliciously breathless!

i frolicked and giggled and wondered who,
might have found my nakedness outside, taboo,
but, hey who cares for nipples and bums
with the freshness of the rain became best chums!

 like a naughty silly, i got all wet!
my disposition for the rest of the day was set,
the first day of the new year requires unreserved fun
and thus to thinking, what next to be done.
it didn't take deep thought or planning,
simply to run with how i felt , emotions advancing,
this year it gonna be a memorable one
hard work interspersed with lots of fun.
the conclusion, today all fun it shall be,
gifted with good people i look fwd to see,
those that know how blessed they are
and thus with them...i shall travel far.


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