Tuesday, 19 September 2017

a fantasy wished into reality

i wished myself into a world of make believe
where, that evening, a fantasy was my reality.
i wished myself into a world of art
the ever ardent onlooking fan
yearning to absorb and swallow deep within,
 that which
i would never be able to perform 
could make mine...
through sincere
appreciation, affirmation, acknowledgement .

a fantasy?...oh yes...how i wished to be the ballerina
so elegant and expressive
so lost in the music of composers from time long ago
classical pieces of notes weaving through the auditorium
 violins strings...my favourite.
and by the end of the evening there was no need to wish myself into a world of make believe 
the reality played itself out on the stage
i was one... with the ballerina.


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