Saturday, 23 September 2017

is touch too telling for u?

((Jennifer Beals)
How touch knows to feed the Soul. It can speak of desire. It can speak of anger....telling be a taut body or a yielding one...a hesitant heart assured when a gentle brush, a persuasive nudge, a rested calm hand settles those uncertainties.

The human flesh, the most marvellous creation of all time...nerve endings in their gazillion...oh...i dramatisation is so, and feels so, for those who are carefree of nature, allowing their innate ability to  be receptive and roam, seeking touch.

How alive we know to be, understanding the wellness of touch, understanding the ripple effects of being starved of closeness or abusive heaviness of hand...?
How can a key board the creator of emails, messages of all sorts via mobile etc....replace fingertips finding each other.
When words have no meaning for they know not to translate interaction through touch.
Eyes shut...all senses alive through touch...the awakening deep within of a happiness, maybe a nostalgic pang of longing...a reminder of what it means to be human. An aspiration to surrender of the most intimate sort... replaced by an ever building of high walls and hiding from the humaneness of self....typing away into the ether of nothingness...

and thus...

"come eat me with your touch
come awaken the depths of my humanity with your touch
feed me at the same time with the telling of your hands,
don't speak with words
just tell me... with your touch... what be your desire.
tell me how u long for me to yield
to the passion
the energy
that is your life,
a story told
in your reaching out
and inviting me into u

your touch.

i want to know u
i want to be brave and surrender
and envelope myself in who u may be


let us be brave together and let go

and simply indulge in what we were born to do...



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