Wednesday, 27 September 2017

my need to know...yours to let me

what pleasure to lean forward and delve through the shadows of your mind
what pleasure to find an uncertain burning passion
a sensual u, waiting to be coaxed from hiding.
your hesitancy so appealing
your belief and trust obvious in your pleading gaze
that i shall be gentle and understanding of your uncertainty 
that i will know how to bring down those walls with persuasive understanding
allowing u a gradual courage to gaze upon the glory of your sexual sensuality.
my eyes will tell a story of my yearning to wish u into my space
where your need to expand and grow and reach
higher and higher..
a yelp escaping for the intensity
and vibration of every nerve ending tingling under your flesh
is unbearable yet welcomed.
i shall cradle your desire with much of mine
where we shall meet in ecstatic seduction
to revel in the luscious wetness of lovers eating
upon each others wetness and surrender of self.
u will arch and beg me and plead for release
your mind will drop and get lost in pools of wanton lust
and then resurface grasping to hold on to the reality of this world
and wish itself back again
under the spell
me and u.
further in...i shall lean
and learn and teach myself
what more i can do
to know your need to know.


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