Monday, 25 September 2017

choices of the hardest kind

Often in life, one is asked to make choices of the hardest kind. Choices that are conundrums that will haunt one in memory, for the choice one may have to make is never a certain one but, rather, one of faith and belief and hope that it be the right one.
When crossroads are reached and looking back can only be miserable for the path leading up to that point is not one due to hardships or challenges, rather, a journey travelled of self discovery and realising the potential of what the unknown held. All of a sudden a set of wings  achieved, giving flight to the self, a realisation of what could have been but too late.
A comfortable niche achieved over many years, a settling for what one may have thought to be the best it could have uprooted and hazed by a discovery of the innermost self. to tally the new self with the old...that be the conundrum...that be the trick.
That be the ability to go forth and succeed and make ones life even more magic for that is what the new self has discovered...

A happy new start to the week to all!


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