Thursday, 21 September 2017

come...take me by the hand


take me by the hand
and let me dance upon your thoughts
let me seduce u with my womanly ways
i shall hold u near, ever so gently
and allow u to feel the lightness of step of my happy heart,
it shall be the rhythm to which my arms shall embrace
my lips shall kiss
my body shall mould.


be one with me in thought
do travel beyond the realms of what we may know
let us explore further than that which we were made to believe.


imagine our bodies know to feed
off desires satiated in each others company...
i shall bend
i shall allow
i shall moan and devour
every part of u shared in your giving
and surrender to me.

and... in that moment of surrender
the realisation of who you truly are
shall dawn upon you
and you will know your own sensuality forever.


find yourself and let me...

...get lost in you.


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