Monday, 14 May 2018

a face beautiful

 what if i were to take your face in my hands and stare upon it with the intent of trying to read the life it has grown up with?
what would i see?
would it be a man who travelled the world and allowed the beauty of experience to leave its tracks telling?
would it be proud yet, humble for it has seen so much others may never have the chance of witnessing?
a wisdom in the depths of those acknowledging eyes.
would your face tell stories of love requited and unrequited where tears knew to run...joyous moments crinkling the corner of your eyes, and then, a depth of pain haunting, hiding of moments where loss ripped at your heart?
would the one that loved you dear, and you, in return gave of yourself, have left a generous softness telling of depths of passion engaged in and mutually devoured?
would moments stolen of lovers encounters furrow your brow, each line telling of a yearning still burning in your being?
would stubbornness have made your jaw hard and yet, your lips so yielding and soft as my eyes fall upon them, capable of the most softest engaging kisses?
a glimpse of manly ego in the tilt of your head as you allow me to gaze upon your face...

how beautiful you are.

how full of life your face is...RB

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