Thursday, 17 May 2018

the intimacy of touch

 The intimacy of touch...ones own touch.
More telling than words could ever be...knowing to let ones fingertips taste
the pleasure of self.
Should another look in, what they would see, is the spontaneous uninhibited, unpretentious enjoyment of the most personal sort where there be no boundaries, no concern, shyness or hesitation as to the indulgence. To lather ones body when showering, to caress ones skin with nourishing body butter, to comb ones hair with long strokes from a soft bristled massage and stroke ones erogenous be able to enjoy the sight of such play in a mirror , to possess the comfort of allowing the other to witness such personal indulgent liberties.
An erotic, sexy, sensual close ones eyes to the world and lose oneself in images portrayed and created as ones fingers travel, linger, cup, stroke...the ability of fingertips to sense the texture of ones flesh...eating it up satiating the hungry need to surrender deeper, never familiar enough nor all knowing nor bored of indulging in self... always seeking more.

Now, take a seat and close your eyes or stand before a looking glass and indulge yourself in the art of personal touch, sensual
slow and most sincere.


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