Thursday, 31 May 2018

chains of habit..a rut excusable?

 "The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken."
Samuel Johnson

When the fear of failure, trepidation in moving toward change starts to thaw ones conviction, purpose and reserves of energy, belief and faith , then sets in habit...behavioural patterns repetitive , safe, in an environment familiar and comfortable. 
The idea of the unknown too challenging to consider. 
A laziness to apply oneself , self contentment and satisfaction taking second seat, preferring a 'rut' known. 
When monotonous mediocrity of ones life all of a sudden becomes too challenging , a realisation that ones life is being wasted away yet, the pull of the known seems safer than the unknown that call of promised fruitful new beginnings, like anything in life, requiring that new found energy to apply oneself paving a new pathway, reaching for a rediscovery of the 'self' ...then begins the struggle of standing at crossroads...choices to be made, considered...applied.

An analysis of what is required to start on a journey new. A demand for commitment, conviction and purpose, faith in the new found call...all of a sudden grasping the enormity of the task at hand. 

And once again, to slump back into 'habit' promising oneself baby steps toward change, excuses acceptable as to why things may not be as bad as one imagines.. 'the right time and place'....

Courage. Is it about courage? Is it about truth? Is it about acceptance? Or, is it that as humans, we complicate our lives with the choices we make and then don't know how to extricate ourselves out of the 'shit' we have created? Then again, are we simply too lazy to reach for possibilities new, ignoring the flame that burns in each one of us, egging us forward on a journey rewarding no matter how big or small. 


A rut invented and propagated by most humans and excused by the fear we feel when asked to step forward courageously and map a path new. 

Excusable? RB.

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