Monday, 14 May 2018

succumb to sleep the moon began to ascend the heavens
following in the path of the setting sun's rays so, began the journey into thoughts 
eyes closed, a need to follow the images beginning to play themselves out.
a fruitful imagination, rich in yielding passions, inviting gestures, a succumbing
to the delights of a lover stiff and hard and demanding.
where a breath held, allows a beating heart to be loud and vocal, drumming in ones ears.
and then the release of a gasp , a bosom heaving, a grasping to hold on to that little bit of sanity left.
for once the erotic knows to take its seat and begin to nibble, lick with delight...
delirious, spell-binding be the fall into sleep.
there be no need for the formalities of sleep...such as a sleeping garment...
rather the feel of flesh warm sliding between the sheets...perchance...perchance... fruitful the imagination knows to be...



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