Thursday, 10 May 2018

a mirror image...a reality erotic

 "do come and become a part of my looking glass
and, before through it we shall pass,
let us take a moment and see
what on this side of the glass may be...."

...she asked him to sit down and watch her expression of self-indulgence. She wanted him to see the pleasure she derived  from watching herself in the mirror. It was not a narcissistic was pure erotic joy, as if looking in on herself, from a different angle, doubling the bliss of a liberated unrestricted acknowledgement of her naughtiness. There was something in looking, a potent aphrodisiac. 
Her looking glass was at an angle so that she could keep an eye on her suitor. moments catching his glance, feeling the lust, recognising his astonished discomfort in the wide eyes...for he was taken off guard. He was taken off guard by her level of comfort at expressing and indulging in herself. 
Her hands looked gentle in the way they traced their path up her thigh. They looked knowing and caring as they travelled the back of her upper leg to the roundness of her slightly exposed buttock....even her gaze that rested on her bosom was loving and embracing ...that parted mouth of hers, so telling of the lust she was feeling...he was sure he could hear a soft sigh as her hand travelled inward, toward her womaness...
Her body spoke of surrender, a sexy caring, a level of erotic burning quietness.
And the purpose of having him gaze upon her as she allowed herself to drift inward toward the image in the looking glass, was to gain his abandon and mesmerise him  with the reality of the moment and then, to invite him to join her in the looking glass and become part of the image on the other side. 
He would learn new abandon, he would learn to watch and absorb and derive immeasurable pleasure from sight erotic.


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