Thursday, 10 May 2018

a morning slept away

The sun was high, unawares that many had already begun their day in earnest. Hiding under the thick plump covers of the duvet, she let her mind play on the edges of dreamland. slipping in and out of serene sleep. 
Ballet had always been her passion and being more of amazonian build, tall and strong, she allowed herself the delicious pleasure of envying (in a good way) the immaculate trimmed frames of Prima Ballerina's, knowing she would never fall into their category of build.
But more so, it was the elegance of the dancer that knew to transport her to a magical place, every move, every bodily expression ...the intent of the pointed toe, extension of an arm...fingers speaking ...each finger having a life of its they uncurled and beckoned, portraying part of the story being danced.
How the body of the ballerina twisted and swayed, tippy-toed and glided and he...the loyal reliable danseur, majestic in his role...yet...taking second allow her to shine...his moment of glory being, the pillar that knew to make her the star of the show.
Never did she seem to question his being there to catch her, launching herself threw the air as the crescendo of the music and moment demanded, capturing the audience, a united audible gasp filling the theatre as he caught her in an elegant swoop of strong witness of strain or uncertainty, even if there may have been...and in that moment all the ballerina did was further melt into his masculinity, her tiny frame moulding to that moment portrayed, lovers in anguish, for of course, like most tragic ballets, theirs was not to be...theirs were stolen moments of desire, imagined happiness...

The ballet had been was the release of their emotions when they had arrived home. She lay under the covers and allowed herself the pleasure and serenity of knowing, it didn't matter that he wasn't there in the morning.....theirs were moments stolen....intense, a moulding complete, a dance in life where happiness shared was indulged in whenever possible, he was always there for her...she drifted serenely into sleep...her morning was slept away...RB.

(dancers perform without clothes - internet)

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