Thursday, 3 May 2018

a silent serenity

there u were...i came across u...perchance
at peace in your world, where silent serenity...overflowed... out of your every pore.
u looked at me, with guarded eyes and as i flung my arms around u, to hug u near...
 the corner of your eyes creased into a softness, telling of your gentleness.
and now, my thoughts be of how i shall welcome u back,
how i shall allow my body to talk while my tongue be held in silence.
i bow my head deep in conscious awareness that u know the depth of my desires...
my heart beats hard in my bosom and my breasts warm remembering
your caress and breath.
i know how u shall melt into me and tell me with every moan, every groan
that i possessed every sleeping moment every gasp for breath...and i will believe.
my bowed head...full of desirous thoughts of u...will know to find your consciousness 
and keep u captured...RB.

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