Wednesday, 23 May 2018

to plant the germinating seed

if before u a shelf of books u should find
how long would it take  to pick one and your thoughts bind
with pages of records of another's experiences and imaginings
making theirs, now yours, no longer strange happenings.

and in that choice would your world broaden
would your reality with new possibilities enliven
or would it be a safe choice of the same old same old
preferring the known , muffling your chance to be bold...

in the choice of a book considered a yawn and dreary
ones choice of neon bright characters contrary
a marriage of both...a world fantastical
merging the two...from the usual taking a sabbatical.

to broaden ones knowledge to read and learn
 to have no fear, a new path choose, to take a turn
misinformation, ignorance breeds fear of the unknown
rather to self realisation...the path be shown.
and thus, what be considered taboo and threatening
another possibility postulated, new understanding begetting
time for that long awaited magazine to put out for your read
time for new perspectives, time for debates, to plant a germinating seed.


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