Wednesday, 23 May 2018

once upon a time...their paths crossed

The mind had gone on a journey, still lost in words read. Very aware that he would be wandering what she was up to...and thus to dial him via skype
She didn't want to speak to him...she wanted him to 'look in'. It was late...he would be readying himself for bed...the perfect time to have him watch...imagine...remember...and maybe...indulge in 'personal' play.
She turned the camera at such an angle, at a distance, looking 'up' at her....the idea being a suggestive invite of potential glimpses of much that was hidden from his gaze by a fabric sheer ...a glitter here and there, when the ray of a lamp be caught.
She made sure the light was such to illuminate the tease that came spontaneous...he knew to bring it out in her.......casting the right shadows at times when too much may be exposed.
It was the allure of what would be possible once he returned. And, as she started her suggestive reveal, so began the start of their story... 

Once upon a time there was a man who became inspired by a chance meeting. Inspired and egged into a world so different to all he had ever known...a brazen courage discovered in self to search and find much he had been scared to confront or even question....Once upon a time there was a woman who knew about the magic of erotic seduction and wished to enchant another who would know to get lost and surrender to her offerings...

Once upon a time...their paths crossed...RB.

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