Wednesday, 9 May 2018

he was shown what it could be wasn't about control. It was a fascination with understanding the meaning of submission and possession.
What would it be like to possess another in the most abstract of ways? 
Could one say being erotic and sensual was abstract? It could be nothing else but that, for, it seemed men didn't know to indulge in and, understand the passion and power of a tease as apposed to the physicality of the bang-bang of sex.
It had to be abstract ...a sense of emotion in mind and thought...submission the ultimate goal...a slow capitulation of personal boundaries...boundaries that had begun to crumble over time, having no cause or purpose in the reality of obvious to the onlooker, so obvious to her.
He loved his freedom of personal expression. His nakedness had never been an issue, comfortable and content with who he was. 
She was set on having him show her what it was that he did to arouse himself to the full length of his manliness . 
She asked him to tell her his desires and fantasies...she asked him to indulge her...and when she knew enough of what he thought his ultimate moment of pleasure was and would be....then, she planted the seed...a whisper ...a suggestive whisper. 
It began to colour his mind, like drop of dye in water, spreading its colourful tentacles ...the whisper was  followed by another and another....the warmth of her breath in his ear, the start of a new adventure...discoveries of bodily pleasures venturing into a space in his mind he had peaked in now and again. 
This discovery was made possible by the freedom and trust he felt in her lead...and most of all, it was possible for she joined him and climbed with him and dipped deep into pools intimate, sweet, wet...engulfing...saddling him, controlling him, guiding him...drowning with him. 
And as she yielded so she took possession of all of him...his surrender, his understanding that he had to let go...the ultimate submission...the ultimate possession.
He had not only found new pools of satisfaction but, he had found his voice...expressive and telling in its moans and times wanting to sob from the depth of emotions that washed over him. 
He felt liberated in his use of words and language so lusty and suggestive and horny....a new strength found, a new understanding found in her enjoyment of him. 
A level of passion realised he knew he would wish to revisit again and again and again...RB

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