Thursday, 3 May 2018

progression...a lie?

"...when my nakedness only knows to arouse a pornographic desire to fuck my brains even though u have not indulged in the feel of my bareness... when u haven't even considered lowering your lips to my belly and tasting the sweetness of my flesh... when u haven't allowed your ears to catch the little groans of pleasure ,the lustful moans desirous of all your attention...when u miss the deep soft passion that burns in my eyes...."

...what a dear price humanity is paying...with every 'progressive' step forward in the space of technology and electronics, thus, more robotic humans are becoming in action and thought.
Thoughts mainly revolving around successful productivity, competency in the workspace, aggressive marketing and strategies, long term plans of financial growth ....materialism claiming to secure a better future for generations to come.
Gone be lingering kisses, tears of frustration and fear being wiped away by a gentle hand, hugs encompassing and feeding and supportive arousing hope and strength to carry on. Gone be patience and understanding for a slow learner or a fearful soul of the unknown.
Gone be mommies and daddies that know to teach their children how to sit close and laugh and talk to each other, being receptive in conversation and bubbly and eager to participate.
Gone be play-time between loving mates...he lying next to her, tracing, with the tip of his finger, the imperfect perfections of a woman's body, so delicious and inviting. 
When birth to another human being is given, the midget of life created needs to learn to run even before it can walk...ruled by social media, exposed to information overload, junk cluttering in its little head even before it has learnt to read or write.
A normal state of affairs of a dynamic progressive world where robotic images of self are being created in the hope of perfecting that which we are.

How mad the thought that we think we know to be a 'god'...'creator' mad the thought to create anything in the image of self....does self know to be unbiased and grateful with the 'simplicities' of life...why the need for robotic aspirations?...have we fucked it up so bad and called it progression?


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