Thursday, 17 May 2018


what would it be that would know, to hold your gaze...
a motion slight?
a pose natural?
a display of limb...?
could it be a mood, captured in a motion, pose...limb displayed?
could it be...
 your love of sheer pantyhose...?...shared in the indulgent touch of a hand...
resting on a perfect the fit of silken thread.
how pantyhose do know to make a woman feel even more alluring than she knows to be.
how pantyhose make the slide of a hand that much smoother...a touch felt,
a tease intoxicating, erotic, a dimension different...knowing
there be nakedness beneath a thin, thin woven thread...
 nothing being hidden from sight, in fact...enhanced
be the shape and curve... 
it must be the package of a woman who wears her pantyhose
totally absorbed in the feel, touch and sight there-of.


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